Air Conditioning Deland, Deltona FL and surrounding areas in Volusia, Seminole and Orange counties.

At Kap Air and Heat, Inc. we offer a wide range of some of the most recognized names in the air conditioning industry.

We understand the difficulties of getting by in today’s economy. With this in mind it is essential to get the best price available without sacrificing the quality of what you purchase whether that be the equipment itself or the manner in which it is installed. You should always choose a company that prides themselves in speedy service and honest work.

Kap Air and Heat, Inc. are dedicated to provide the best quality of workmanship for your air conditioning service – air conditioning installation, air conditioning repairs and air conditioning maintenance.

Professional Installation

Air Conditioner Installation
We do top quality work all over Central Florida. We provide installations on all name brand ac units in Deland, Deltona FL, and all surrounding areas in Volusia, Seminole and Orange counties.. We offer high quality products to ensure the life of your air conditioning unit.
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Repair Services

Air Conditioner Repair
Here at Kap Air & Heat we know the value of a dollar and pride ourselves in customer care and satisfaction. Call us today to get your AC unit repaired by a professional who cares!
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Seasonal Maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance
The key to prolonging the life of your A/C unit is maintenance. Without yearly maintenance your air conditioner can be dieing and you may not know it.
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Additional Services

Air Conditioner Services
Besides installation, repair services and seasonal maintenance, Kap Air and Heat provides additional services like A/C Unit Guard, Refrigerant Replacement and Filter Reminders.
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Client Reviews

One happy customer

I used Kap Air and Heat to install a new unit in our condo. The owner was prompt in his delivery and install of our new unit, our unit was over 15 years old and costing us a lot in monthly electric bill payments $250 to $280 in the summer months. With the new R410 unit it is $165 to $175.00 per month and a lot cooler. We keep our T-stat at 78 degrees used to be at 72 degrees on old unit. Thanks Kevin
Richard Kennison

Life Savers

My A/C went out on a Friday. I foolishly had a different company come to my house Saturday to check out my A/C. They claimed my compressor was bad and I needed to replace it. They were ready to charge me $1284.00. I called KAP and they came Monday morning. He checked the compressor, replaced the wire that was burnt and everything began working fine. $50.00 service call and my A/C was working again instead of a $1300 bill through another company. They just made me a customer for life.
Patrick Norden

Maintenance Service

KAP Air and Heat has been providing excellent maintenance service and repair for my home AC Unit for a couple of years now. Thank you Kevin, I always appreciate your attention to detail and refreshing customer service orientation. 6 Star Expertise ! ! ! ! !
Terry Sprosty

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